Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, our Dilapidations Surveyors will get the best results for you to achieve the best outcome.

You will receive the sensible advice to obtain a realistic settlement. We will provide you with as much support as you require.

How we can help You with Dilapidations

For Landords

Whether you manage a single property or have a portfolio of rented properties it is of course hugely important that tenant maintains the condition of your property in accordance with the lease agreement.

We develop a strategy for the claim based on the Landlord’s intentions and future plans for the premises.

We compile Schedules of Dilapidations. Our reports are prepared in accordance with current legislation and protocol, ensuring that the lease obligations are fully complied with, and ensuring the tenant returns the property in accordance with the lease agreement.

In the event the tenant does not complete the required works, our schedules are detailed are costed accurately and reliably to support claims for financial settlement.

We are also experienced in carrying out works on behalf of the Landlord in order to mitigate losses and to help attract a new tenant for the new premises.

For Tenants

If you are a tenant and just about to take on a lease or you have been served a dilapidations claim then a call to us today we can put your mind at ease.

Dilapidations claims are never cheap and with our help we can negotiate  to limit your liabilities and reduce the Dilaps claim.

We will ensure that you’re not held accountable for any repair or reinstatement costs over and above the legal obligations contained within the lease.

Schedules of Condition

A Schedule of Condition is a detailed photographic report which records the state and condition of the property elements at the time of inspection to protect your interests.  

A Schedule of Condition is essential to protect you and save you money when taking on a commercial lease of a property.  Both landlords and tenants should consider carefully what their responsibilities are in relation to the property and their obligations with repairs and maintenance.

This is an essential document which can limit or prevent any overstated claims at the end of the lease, in terms of a tenant’s repair and reinstatement liability.

Dilapidation Assessments

At the end of a lease agreement, a tenant usually has to return a rented the property back to the landlord in an agreed condition (as specified in the rental lease agreement). It is essential that tenants, especially those with long-term leases, plan for the dilapidation of the property and budget for any make good repairs that may be necessary.

We will appraise your property and provide a detailed assessment of your anticipated dilapidation liability that you can expect at the end of the lease.

The dilapidation assessment identifies any repairs or maintenance and associated costs that the tenant will be financially liable for when the lease expires under the terms of the lease.  This information provides the detail required to allow you to plan your exit strategy.

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