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Cost management

Once your development project has been approved and you wish to move forward with the building works, Manor Surveyors Limited can continue to make your life easier by managing the tender process on your behalf. This involves preparing additional information ahead of construction, such as the detailed specification of works for the contractors to base their tender submission.

The specification of works we produce, that accompany architectural drawings, all of which form the tender documents are complete and detail all of the required works ensuring the project is fully costed giving you confidence that the project is affordable and within budget.

This also ensures that tenders returned by contractors are priced accurately and also that their submissions are submitted on a like-for-like basis.  It has been known for some contractors to base their submissions using inferior materials to bring their costs down, which in turn reduces the overall anticipated quality of the project.

We also ensure the tender documents are fully costed so that you are not faced with an unexpected bill at the end of the project for works that were apparently not included in the original submission.

Is it Worth Using Cost Management on a Loft Conversion or Extension?

Building projects can be simple or complex however, they rarely proceed without issues.  Projects can easily and quickly go over budget and timescales if not managed properly.  Generally, the more invasive and extensive the renovation, particularly involving structural changes, the greater the chance of uncovering unknown issues leading to cost increases and time delays.

Manor Surveyors will provide a detailed specification of works at the outset ensuring contractors provide accurate costs in their tender submission.  We will ensure the works are costed accurately obtaining the best market prices and quality of materials and trades available to deliver the project in line with the budget

Specialist quantity surveyor involvement can be particularly beneficial when planning the renovation of a listed building or property within a conservation area, where you will encounter limitations on the types of materials allowed. The permitted finishes may be significantly more expensive than other options and would have a significant impact on the budget if priced incorrectly at the outset.

Should issues arise during the project, we can quickly find the most cost-effective solution and liaise with the client and the contractor to establish where changes can be made to the overall project to minimise the impact on budget and timeline whilst still allowing for the finishes required.

Do I Have to Use Cost Management?

Whilst it is recommended, it is not always necessary to have cost management on a project. For example, on a small extension with a simple design and very few variables, particularly If you are managing your own project.

For larger more complex projects it is strongly recommended as these types of projects will naturally have higher cost risks.  A cost consultant is able to use their knowledge and professional management of the tender and construction process, through to the final account, which could potentially save you thousands of pounds if not managed correctly.

What our clients say

“Just wanted to thank you for this survey – we’ve been told that the RICS 3 surveys are detailed, but this is just exceptional work in comparison to some of the samples we’ve seen (even our broker was surprised, and he’s seen a lot!) and it gives us really good insights into how we want to approach the buying process from here. The level of “nitpicking” (in a good way!) is remarkable and I really appreciate that Manor Surveyors seem to put quality first.”

Simon Skrabanek

“Absolutely amazing service. Laura was helpful and efficient and then once our survey had been completed Paul was happy to call me and explain everything. Could not fault them at all. Original house purchase fell through and we were more than happy to use Manor again for our second purchase as they were so helpful and efficient. Thanks so much xxx”

Katrina Khalifa

“I have used them twice and received a very professional and efficient service from both Paul and Laura. Paul has provided us on both occasions with very in-depth Home Reports which were excellent value for money. I highly recommend them and wouldn’t use anyone else!”

Mick John