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Contract administration and Cost management

Manor Surveyors Limited provide Contract Administration services to clients that are planning to have building works carried out.  We can manage projects from the initial design through to completion for projects that include extensions, alterations, conversions, refurbishments, and new builds.

We offer a full design and contract administration service for commercial and residential clients.  In addition to the Contract Administrator service, we can also provide pre-contract services which include feasibility and also architectural services where we are able to take a project from feasibility through to completion dealing with all aspects of the project to ensure it is delivered in accordance with your requirements and also within your budget.

We can provide detailed specifications of work for tendering purposes, which reduce the likelihood of additional costs occurring during the project.  We only invite trusted and qualified contractors to tender for the works.

Upon receiving the tender returns we undertake a full analysis of the tenders to ensure they are accurate with no mistakes and we will make the appropriate recommendations for which contractor is the most suitable for the project. If necessary, we can also provide a value engineering exercise should the tender costs exceed the budget, before appointing a contractor and preparing the contract documents.

Once a project is underway, we provide regular on-site monitoring of the works to ensure the works are completed to the required quality and also that the works are being progressed satisfactorily to meet the agreed timescales.

Throughout the project, we chair regular meetings and certify payments to the contractor.  We also agree and issue the necessary contract instructions and agree the final account with the contractor when the works are complete.

We ensure any snagging issues are resolved by the contractor and we will also return to the property after the defect’s liability period has passed, which is usually after 12 months after practical completion to ensure any defects are resolved before recommending final payment of the retention monies to the contractor.

What is contract administration?

Contract administration is the management of the contract between the employer (also referred to as the client) and the building contractor. This should be carried out in a way that ensures contractual procedures are correctly followed and accurately recorded. Whilst the contract administrator’s duties may vary from one building contract to the next, the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) contracts typically consist of the following tasks:

  • Record keeping – maintaining notes of site inspections, office files and site photographs.
  • Site inspections – regularly visiting the site to review progress and monitor quality while keeping a record of the visit and observations.
  • Meetings – chairing and minuting meetings on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Reporting – providing regular status reports covering items including quality, time, cost, risks, health, safety and environmental matters. A record of the estimated final adjusted contract sum should also be included in the reports.
  • Instructions – taking the employer’s instructions and completing and issuing the necessary paperwork required under the building contract.
  • Time – monitoring progress and ensuring completion is achieved in accordance with the building contract.
  • Interim valuations – preparing valuations and issuing the required payment notices necessary under the building contract.
  • Contract instruction/variations – managing any variations and issuing the necessary instructions required under the building contract.
  • Contract completion date, extension of time, partial possession, and practical completion – following the contract procedures in respect of timings and handover requirements as well as the issuing of notices and certifications required under the building contract.
  • Loss and expenses – reviewing any loss and expense claims in relation to deferred possession or other matters such as an extension of time award,
  • Adjusted contract sum/final account – keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of the final estimated adjusted contract sum during the project, and preparing and agreeing the final account following practical completion.

Why choose Manor surveyors to provide you with contract administration advice?

Our building consultancy professionals provide a professional, effective, and personal service. The role of contract administrator can add real value to a construction project; ensuring that the construction contract is administered fairly and effectively.

A contract administrator can provide clear management of the contract and reduce pressure on the client. The role of contract administrator can add real value to a construction project – ensuring that the construction contract is administered fairly and effectively.

Our success in delivering contracts derives from the strong relationships we build with the project team and our proactive approach throughout the project. We are committed to building long-lasting professional relationships with delivery partners and have a strong track record of retaining clients.

  • Whatever the reason, be sure to make sure whomever you intend to appoint possesses the following qualities:
  • Knowledge, skill, experience, and capability to understand the contract and associated provisions, and apply them.
  • Be able to act independently, impartially and fair in their decision-making.
  • Good knowledge of construction and operational procedures.
  • Systems and processes are in place for administering the building contract together with the necessary forms for issuing notices and certification.
  • Knowledgeable on construction programmes, the critical path and delay analysis.

What our clients say

“Just wanted to thank you for this survey – we’ve been told that the RICS 3 surveys are detailed, but this is just exceptional work in comparison to some of the samples we’ve seen (even our broker was surprised, and he’s seen a lot!) and it gives us really good insights into how we want to approach the buying process from here. The level of “nitpicking” (in a good way!) is remarkable and I really appreciate that Manor Surveyors seem to put quality first.”

Simon Skrabanek

“Absolutely amazing service. Laura was helpful and efficient and then once our survey had been completed Paul was happy to call me and explain everything. Could not fault them at all. Original house purchase fell through and we were more than happy to use Manor again for our second purchase as they were so helpful and efficient. Thanks so much xxx”

Katrina Khalifa

“I have used them twice and received a very professional and efficient service from both Paul and Laura. Paul has provided us on both occasions with very in-depth Home Reports which were excellent value for money. I highly recommend them and wouldn’t use anyone else!”

Mick John