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Snagging Reports

When buying a newly built property, the expectations are high as it is generally anticipated that everything will be new and pristine. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and the quality of workmanship can vary tremendously from one developer to another depending on the quality control put in place by the contractor.   The quality of workmanship can even vary when properties are constructed by the same developer depending on which teams they have used for the construction of individual properties.

The house building industry has sometimes got a bad reputation, particularly with some developers that focus on the quantity of homes being built rather than the quality of the workmanship during construction.  During our inspections of some newly built properties, we have found some very alarming defects, some of which can cost thousands of pounds to repair and the defects can have a seriously damaging effect on the longevity of the property.

It is therefore our aim to provide our clients that are purchasing a newly built home, with the comfort that the property has been constructed appropriately and in accordance with regulations and also that it has been constructed to a satisfactory standard.

Manor Surveyors specialise in providing detailed snagging surveys for newly built homes throughout Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and London. We want to ensure that when you move into your newly built home, it has been built to the highest standards in terms of quality. Our reports will give you confidence that your new home has been completed to the correct building standards and quality.

During our inspections, we use our knowledge and expertise to identify any defects that may have occurred during the construction phase.  The property is inspected internally and externally, including any garages or outbuildings.

Our snagging reports individually itemise each defect and are also supported with photographs so that the reports can be passed on to developers to rectify any defects raised as part of the warranty.  Our objective is to provide our clients confidence and assurance that any major defects within their homes are identified or just to provide some peace of mind so they can go ahead and enjoy their new home without worry!

What Is Included

Our snagging inspections will cover all aspects of your home internally and externally including any landscaped areas and any outbuildings such as garages or carports. Other important aspects of the home are also checked during our inspections which include plumbing and electrics, insulation, safety compliance and much more.  Our inspection will also include aesthetical and cosmetic issues as well as faults, poor workmanship, and an assessment of the quality of the external finishes.

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What our clients say

“Just wanted to thank you for this survey – we’ve been told that the RICS 3 surveys are detailed, but this is just exceptional work in comparison to some of the samples we’ve seen (even our broker was surprised, and he’s seen a lot!) and it gives us really good insights into how we want to approach the buying process from here. The level of “nitpicking” (in a good way!) is remarkable and I really appreciate that Manor Surveyors seem to put quality first.”

Simon Skrabanek

“Absolutely amazing service. Laura was helpful and efficient and then once our survey had been completed Paul was happy to call me and explain everything. Could not fault them at all. Original house purchase fell through and we were more than happy to use Manor again for our second purchase as they were so helpful and efficient. Thanks so much xxx”

Katrina Khalifa

“I have used them twice and received a very professional and efficient service from both Paul and Laura. Paul has provided us on both occasions with very in-depth Home Reports which were excellent value for money. I highly recommend them and wouldn’t use anyone else!”

Mick John