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Defect Diagnosis

Single fault assessment and surveys in Cambridge, Essex and beyond.

Do you have a fault with your property? Manor Surveyors are Chartered Surveyors that specialise in defect diagnosis. We are experts in building pathology and we can successfully diagnose any issues with your property.

How does a defect diagnosis report differ from a full building survey?

The RICS defines building pathology as “how the structure and materials of a building relate to its environment, its occupants and the way the building is used, so as to develop a better understanding of building failures.”

Defect diagnosis reports are usually for homeowners that are having isolated problems with the property where the building is failing with issues such as mould, dampness, cracking, leaks and generally sick buildings.  We use building pathology techniques to identify the cause of the defect and the appropriate scope of repairs or remediation in order to restore the property back to good order.

Full building surveys are usually for someone who is looking to purchase a new property.  The reports look at the building as a whole and provide a snapshot of the overall condition of the property at that given time and report any likely issues prior to purchasing the property.

How do defects occur?

Defects in buildings occur when a component, material or finish fails to meet its performance requirements. These performance requirements vary from element to element.

This can be due to a lack of maintenance.  Some of the external parts of the building are vulnerable to the elements. If these have been neglected for years, this can lead to subsequent defects and failures.

Sometimes defects can be down to poor design.  Poorly designed components of buildings, that are inherently defective and can cause problems from when they were first constructed.

Poor workmanship during the construction phase of the property.  Substandard workmanship or the use of inappropriate materials and finishes, or a combination of both can lead to failures.

Some buildings can be prone to vandalism where materials, such as leadwork are stolen causing leaks. Break-ins and arson attacks, and accidental damage can also cause problems with the property.

How urgent are the repairs?

Building defects vary in severity.  The urgency in which any defects will need to be addressed can vary greatly depending on the issues.  Cracking in walls, dampness and structural movement are symptoms of defects that most people recognise and are familiar with.  Issues such as these tend to be more urgent whereas more minor issues are less pressing.

How do we appoint you to carry out a single fault defect diagnosis survey?

Please call our main office to book in a survey, our staff will ask you a few questions about the issues at hand and will arrange for the surveyor to visit your property. Unlike building surveys, a single fault defect analysis will be charged at an hourly rate due to the fact that some defects are easy to diagnose and other may take several visits and intrusive inspections.

I’m nervous about instructing a contractor to carry out the work – can you help?

We certainly can, we can carry out the tendering process for you and appoint a contractor under a JCT minor works contract, managing all the process of appointment and inspection of the works for you, including sign-off of staged payments giving you protection from rogue traders.

We have already had someone look at the issue who has specified their product – should I still call you?

Unfortunately, defects such as dampness can be misdiagnosed by damp-proofing companies that provide bad advice and then subsequently recommend their own products for repairs.  The advice you receive from Manor Surveyors Limited will be impartial and the advice will be provided to identify the cause of the defects and not to mask over the symptoms of the problem.  Our advice can even save you money in the long term as you may avoid ineffective and improperly specified repairs that are costly and unnecessary.

What our clients say

“Just wanted to thank you for this survey – we’ve been told that the RICS 3 surveys are detailed, but this is just exceptional work in comparison to some of the samples we’ve seen (even our broker was surprised, and he’s seen a lot!) and it gives us really good insights into how we want to approach the buying process from here. The level of “nitpicking” (in a good way!) is remarkable and I really appreciate that Manor Surveyors seem to put quality first.”

Simon Skrabanek

“Absolutely amazing service. Laura was helpful and efficient and then once our survey had been completed Paul was happy to call me and explain everything. Could not fault them at all. Original house purchase fell through and we were more than happy to use Manor again for our second purchase as they were so helpful and efficient. Thanks so much xxx”

Katrina Khalifa

“I have used them twice and received a very professional and efficient service from both Paul and Laura. Paul has provided us on both occasions with very in-depth Home Reports which were excellent value for money. I highly recommend them and wouldn’t use anyone else!”

Mick John