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Licence for Alterations

A tenant may require to make alterations to a property they occupy under a lease.  In order to carry out the alterations the tenant will more than likely need the consent of the landlord.  This consent comes in the form of a document called a ‘Licence for Alterations.

The alterations may be necessary for a number of reasons such as a new fit-out to suit your needs, the removal of internal walls or partitions or the installation of new services such as air-conditioning.

A Licence to Alter is a legally enforceable document that allows the tenant to carry out the works required under the terms of the lease. Typically, the landlord’s consent is stated to be not unreasonably withheld, meaning a landlord can only refuse the tenant’s request with a reasonable objection.

We have experience in acting on behalf of both tenants and Landlords.

When acting for Landlords we would usually undertake the following works:

  • Review the tenant’s proposals and assess the impact the proposals will have on the landlord’s property.
  • Consider any costs being met by the landlord.
  • Inspect the works as they progress and upon completion to ensure the works do not adversely affect the property or invalidate any insurance policies.
  • Advise the Landlord to ensure Tenant’s reinstatement obligations are clearly defined.

When acting for Tenants we would usually undertake the following works:

  • Writing Specifications or Schedules of Work and preparing plans to demonstrate the extent of the works
  • Oversee the works and Administer the contract through to practical completion.
  • Ensure the Tenant obtains and complies with statutory obligations.
  • Ensure the Tenant understands the reinstatement obligations.

What our clients say

“Just wanted to thank you for this survey – we’ve been told that the RICS 3 surveys are detailed, but this is just exceptional work in comparison to some of the samples we’ve seen (even our broker was surprised, and he’s seen a lot!) and it gives us really good insights into how we want to approach the buying process from here. The level of “nitpicking” (in a good way!) is remarkable and I really appreciate that Manor Surveyors seem to put quality first.”

Simon Skrabanek

“Absolutely amazing service. Laura was helpful and efficient and then once our survey had been completed Paul was happy to call me and explain everything. Could not fault them at all. Original house purchase fell through and we were more than happy to use Manor again for our second purchase as they were so helpful and efficient. Thanks so much xxx”

Katrina Khalifa

“I have used them twice and received a very professional and efficient service from both Paul and Laura. Paul has provided us on both occasions with very in-depth Home Reports which were excellent value for money. I highly recommend them and wouldn’t use anyone else!”

Mick John